Helping The Orang Asli In Koa Dayok

On 19 May 2019, the Tawfiq Outreach team members went to provide assistance which include giving basic necessities such as rice, canned milk, clothing for kids, hijab clothings, cash money and other important things that we take for granted in our daily lives.

Koa Dayok is home to orang asli villagers, a portion of them have embraced Islam. Thus, from time to time the Outreach team goes out to not only provide worldly needs but also spiritually, teaching Fardhu Ain and other basic Islamic knowledge, tools for them to practice in their daily lives.

This is the adopted village for Tawfiq and this silaturahim between the villagers in Koa Dayok is expected to grow with more trips in the near future to enhance it even further. Interested to join or donate? Please contact a Tawfiq member for future plans.