Stress and Anxiety Management from an Islamic Perspective

With Zuhair Girach from Aaliyah Healing (UK )

Sample class given out by Aafiyah Healing in the UK

Zuhair Girach from Aaliyah Healing (UK) gave a very interesting talk which can be applied to almost everyone. Titled : Stress and Anxiety Management from an Islamic Perspective.

Here are some salient points from the talk:

“I travel the world and in every corner of the world that I go to I see different people of different ethnicities of different colours but their problems are all the same. In every corner of the world that I travel to the people are different the climate is different the food is different the clothes are different but the problems are the same. Everyone suffers from Stress And Anxiety”

“What is anxiety? The definition is that it is a mood state that promote stress. Anxiety leads to stress. Why? Because you don’t know how to deal with something that is going to come up. The inability to predict the outcome off or to cope with different situations and thoughts and so the not knowing part of it creates stress. Anxiety is connected ultimately to uneasiness fear or worry. It shows itself up in cognitive somatic psychological and physiological to create an unpleasant feeling which we know it wasn’t it because we feel the symptoms.

“Our bodies will take it, our heart will feel uneasy and we will feel like things are not becoming normal and it’s not happening and we get all agitated and this is what anxiety really is about.”

“So what are the causes of anxiety? What is the concern? Safety, for example. On a daily basis whether you’re travelling, going to work, you sending your children to school causes anxiety.”

“We need to deal with that these are real problems of the day. Marital problems is a concern wherever I go I have this issue. My husband did this, my wife didn’t do this.”

“What is an emotion? The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system. now I’m going into TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine that in order for us to be healthy our bodies must have a free flow of energy and our free flow of energy gets blocked through physical toxins. Through injury or through emotional impact and from so many emotions block the flow of energy.”

“Your energy is not flowing through your body so this is why it is going to cause a disruption in the system. Emotional toxins will also affect you. What is an emotional toxin?”

“Other people say how are other people competing with me at work? Will I get that pay rise? All of these things are emotional toxins. Someone swears at you, someone takes your right away from you. This is all emotional burden that affect the flow of energy in our body and when the flow is disturbed, when the flow is disrupted it manifests into a symptom.”

“Headache, back ache , stomach ache,  insomnia : can’t sleep at night. What else? Fast heartbeat, heart palpitations, fatigue, insomnia, constantly tired or you can’t sleep ,nausea wanting to throw up, chest pains.”

“Guilt, neglect, feeling victimized, mental confusion and the pressure around it then these people begin to withdraw away from society, away from their friends and their circle. Once the person begins to withdraw this is the big telltale sign that is the time you should really be jumping in to pull them out to go and listen to them and see why”

“A depressed person sit with their head down shoulders in chest area. That area, dependent on breath to keep you alert and awake is reducing. So you can’t breathe and when you can’t breathe, you feel the pressure go down a bit more and this lack of oxygen makes you angry. Amazingly, Rasulullah taught us this. What must you do? Stand up if you’re sitting. Sit down if you’re lying down and if you still angry make wudu. If you make wudu, pray. After playing if you’re still angry go jump in the lake. The issue is to change your position, change your posture when you are angry. “

For more interesting lessons, listen to the video below.